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Since I heard that Pastor ALejandro Colinders is coming to Belgium again, I want to share with you what happened to me when He visited our church. The miracle that happened to me, is magnificent. It is almost hard to believe, but I did personally experienced it. It really happened.


As I was smoking quite a lot, I develop a lot of physical complaints. Because of the smoking, your veins get harder, smaller and get covered with fat deposits. This leads to cramps, pains and blockages in the veins that result in strokes and heart attacks.

I needed urgent surgery. The first surgery was 1996 in the hospital of Kortrijk. Spirals were put in my veins to keep them open.

I was not able to stop smoking. As a consequence I needed surgery again in 1997 and 1998.

In 2000 I had a severe crisis. Examinations showed that my veins were in such a bad condition and had become so silted up that I needed new veins. On top of that I got a heart attack in hospital. 


One way are on another I got the feeling that I would not survive if I would be operated on in Kortrijk. I do not want to judge the quality of the hospital, it was just a feeling I had. By word of mouth I got in touch with the Hopstial of Aalst. This hospital is well-known for heart operations. The king of Belgium and the Dutch Coach Rinus Michels have been operated on in that hospital. Despite a long waiting list, they could soon fit me in their schedule. I got new plastic veins in both legs. It became clear to me that eventually God would heal me and I succeeded in stopping smoking.


The doctor told me that I had to take enough time to rest and that I was not allowed to carry heavy things. I had my own company that worked for carpet producer in our area. No work means no income. So I decided to go to work and I carried things like heavy stair runners. You might guess the consequences. Stitches came off and they need to operate on me once again. My intestines came to the surface and a silicon net was place around my stomach to keep everything in place.


But troubles keep coming my way. They operated three times on my stomach and fibromas appeared on the spots I was operated on.


In 2005 the surgeon told me that it could not continue this way and that he would deal with it drastically. I was again operated on. This time I got two new  nets around my stomach and an iron plate of 23 cm broad and 35 cm long was attached to my ribs. I thought that I would be finally saved of all the misery. But that was not the case.


The side-effects of the iron plate were not too bad: static electricity and a thick lump started to grow on my belly. Beside this, it went well for a period, but the slightest effort caused a lot of pain and my body started to reject the plate. Especially near my ribs openings started to appear. So I had once again an appointment with the surgeon. Both of us were desperate. They had tried all kind of different things, I was ten times operated on. I was still alive, eventually, but that was everything that could be said. A new operation was very risky as my intestines were rooted to the plate. The surgeon was not seeing his way clear.


On Thursday 4 February 2010 I had an appointment with the specialist to get everything together and to discuss the possibilities. Sunday 31 January, a few days before my appointment, pastor Alejandro came to our church. He comes from New York, but he is Spanish. My pastor, Sebastiaan Heemskerk, told that he had not yet found a translator. My wife and I did not feel like going because of this. My wife would lead the worship that evening so we had to go.


After his sermon pastor Alejandro started to pray for the people. On a certain moment he ran toward me en started to pray spontaneously for me. What happened next is indescribable. Fasten your seatbelts! 


I fell on the ground and I felt a heavy, burning pain. The people who saw the scene, panicked.  They thought I was about to die and they wanted to call an ambulance. My wife was so in fear that she went outside. She could not stand it anymore. But it was God operating on me. I stood up after a while and I did not feel any pain in my body anymore!


Of course I went to the specialist a few days later. He could not believe his eyes. The iron plane had disappeared and could not be traced. The plastic veins were replaced by real ones. The doctor thought he had the wrong file. He could not believe that it was really me. It is hard to believe, but Jesus healed me completely. No plate, no static electricity, no lump, no pain and no plastic veins anymore! I got a new life. God gave me a second chance. 


The specialist could not help me anymore. But the real Specialist, our heavenly Father has always a solution and he executed a supernatural operation. I told you that it was mind-boggling. But it really happened. I went deathly ill to the service, but I returned perfectly healthy.


I will never forget what God did for me!!! – Albert V.

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