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Personal notes of Gregory’s teachings

Below you will find concise notes of Gregory’s teachings. These notes are not a Bible study nor in-depth and thorough bible research material.

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Pray for Israel – 10 reasons – 11 prayer tips

The power of Jesus’ blood – 14 blood covenant blessings

God of miracles – 5 steps to experience miracles

Bringing God’s glory back into your life – like David did…

Authority – being under authority, is having authority

Christmas service – Gods redemption plan continues 


‘Pray for Israel’

Lead-in film clip

Jeremiah 32:40-41

I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me, so that they will never turn away from me. I will rejoice in doing them good and will assuredly plant them in this land with all my heart and soul.


10 reasons to support Israel (the Jews, Jerusalem)

  1. Because God will bless those who blesses Israel en will curse those who curses Israel (Genesis 12:3)
  2. Because Israel (and especially Jerusalem as chosen earthly capital) is the Heart and the Soul of the Jews (2 Chronicles 6:6)
  3. Because when we support Israel we prepare the return of Jesus (Psalm 102: 13-18)
  4. Because God’s Word is Truth (Isaiah 2:3)
  5. Because salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22)
  6. Because God hates anti-Semitism (hating the Jews) (Zacharias 2:8)
  7. Because God sys that we have to comfort Israel (Isaiah 40:1-2)
  8. Because God says that He has not withdrawn his gifts and calling over Israel (Isaiah 49:15)
  9. Because God Almighty watches over/preserves/protects Israel (Psalm 121:4-8)
  10. Because God says that He will raise up an army of intercessors (Isaiah 62: 6-7)


Who should Christians support Israel? Because it is God’s will. It is impossible to believe the Bible without knowing this…


11 advices to pray for Israel, the Jews and Jerusalem

  1. Stay in God’s Word (Isaiah 62:6-7)
  2. Come with thanksgiving and worship/praise (Psalm 100:4, Jeremiah 31-7)
  3. Confess your sins (1 John 1:9)
  4. Identify with God’s purpose – a unique own nation (Titus 2:11-14)
  5. Alone by God’s Spirit (Zacharias 4:6)
  6. Pray for mercy and favour in these days (Psalm 102:13-18)
  7. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)
    Derek Prince puts it this way: “In His eternal council God has made it clear that Jerusalem will be the defining factor on which he will judge the nations. The nations that identify with Gods protection over Israel, will be blessed. But those how have a policy that rejects God’s destiny for Israel, will be judged severe. Dedicate yourself to pray that those who have important positions in the Middle East will receive divine wisdom, differentiation and understanding.”
  8. Bless and be blessed (Genesis 12:3, Numbers 24:9)
  9. Do not tell God what he should do and how he should do it (Isaiah 40:17-18)
  10. Pray for the harvest of the gentiles (Romans 11:25)
  11. Take the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17)


More information?


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‘The power of Jesus’ blood’

The blood of Jesus instead of satan in heaven (that is the reason why satan hates the blood) Revelation 12:11-12 (compare with Pasha Egypt  Israelites)


Hebrews 12:14. The blood of Jesus (reconciliation) speaks (today in heaven) more powerful than the blood of Abel (revenge/vengeance)


14 blood covenant blessings (believe in the Blood of Jesus; receive it!)

  1. Reconciliation (intimacy = intimate time! No hostility)
  2. Access to the Father (intimacy, always in the throne room) * Heb. 10:19-22
  3. Forgiveness (guilt has been retracted) * Eph 1:7
  4. Cleansing (change from the inside, no tendency to sin) * 1 John 1:7
  5. Justification (you are aligned; you are a new creation. Status = not a sinner, but a righteous person. Received through faith) * Rom 5:9
  6. Anointing * 1 Joh 2:20,27
  7. Sanctification (set apart; DNA of Christ; God has a purpose and a mission for you) * Heb 13:12
  8. God’s possession * Acts 20:28
  9. Victory * Rev 12:11
  10. Deliverance * Rev 12:11
  11. Protection * Ex 12:13
  12. Redemption (no slave, but redeemed and paid for) * Eph 1:7
  13. Healing (stripes = healing) * 1 Pet 2:24, Isa 53:5
  14. Eternal destination (blood, wine, eternal live) * Joh 6:53-54


Receive these heavenly covenantal blessings/rights and put them into practice. You are what you think /speak out/believe  believe God’s Word


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‘God of Miracles’

Miracles are normal as signs of the believers (Marc 16:17-20, Acts 2:43, Acts 4:30, Heb 2:4

You are called to be a WWW  Worldwide Wonder Worker

  • Miracle = extraordinary (while people want to ‘explain’ everything), supernatural (manifestation of God), something that cannot be done by human resources.
  • God is and will always be a God of Miracles
  • God wants to, is able to and will perform the miracle that you need
  • God is able to provide every day for small and big needs.

Why does God perform miracles?

  1. To fulfil his will and to confirm his Word
  2. To provide for the needs of His people (Mat 19:26)

God’s Word is full of it: you are made to perform miracles!

You can find one of the many examples in Daniel 3:8-30

5 steps to experience God’s miracles

  1. See God as He really is (He is and can do everything)
    AAK (see notes ‘knowing God’). Relationship with the only Way => Jesus (look at Jesus)
    Faith = do not fight for it, it is a gift of God

  2. Do not look at you circumstances
    Satan wants to use your circumstances to defeat you and to accuse God
    God wants to intervene in your circumstances, He wants to meet your needs and He wants to give you a miracle.

  3. See your problems as opportunities for miracles
    How do you handle problems? Is Jesus still allowed to reign? (Phil 4:6-7) Expect miracles.

  4. Realize that every promise of God contains the seed of your miracle
    Miracles are based on God’s Word to glorify Jesus. You have authority. Never give up!

  5. Plant a miracle seed… act on God’s Word
    Right thoughts, right attitude. Speak out God’s word!

Is anything too hard for the Lord? (Gen 18:14)

Song: '



The God of Miracles loves you

He wants it (Jesus: “I am willing, be clean!” – Marc 1:41b)

He is able to (Jesus: “With God everything is possible” – Mat 19:26)

He will do it (Jesus: “the sick people will get well” – Marc 16:18) 


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‘Knowing God’

Paul gave everything up with thanksgiving and joy… Why? What was his motivation? He saw the excellence and the glory of the knowledge of Jesus (Phil 3:8).

Seraphims sing day and night “holy…” They do it only based on a fresh revelation of Jesus (Rev 4:8)

The greatest and most powerful revelation that transforms us emotionally and gives our heart satisfaction is the revelation of Jesus (Mat 16:16).

God is far more than the One that heals, provides, leads, blesses, forgives…

Every believer has an inheritance. Knowing him is for every believer, not only the ministers etc.

Knowing Jesus’ glory helps and trains us in resisting temptations, in persevering in times of persecution and in continuing our relationship with God.

  • The Holy Spirit takes the deep treasures of God from Jesus and shows and proclaims them to us in accordance to our hunger (He does not force us). He positions our hearts so we can see more of God’s glory (John 16:13-14 & 1 Cor 2:10-12)
  • Share this revelation of Gods knowledge with others. There is a lack of teachings on God Himself (Eph 3:8)
  • Take real time, stand still and focus on the glory and the knowledge of Jesus (Pro 2:4-5)

Search for the treasures and the riches of Jesus in a simple way by adapting AAK (some scriptures to start with: Rev 1,2,3,4… Dan 7…).


Accordance with the description in Gods’ Word

Ask for revelation

Keep (obey, believe) the Word and the revelation (Rev 1:3)


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‘Bringing God’s glory back into your life’

David tried to bring the Ark of God back to Jerusalem through his own methods, programs, traditions and tools (beautiful new wagon with oxen) (1 Chr 13). He wanted to bring God’s glory back to his life, city, people, nation… By doing this out of own strength, without consulting God and without obeying the regulations and warnings (Numbers 4:4,15,17-20), Uzzah died after touching the ark (the oxen stumbled and he tried to protect the ark). It is impossible to transport or manipulate God’s gory!


Three priorities – principles

  • Sanctification and dedication (1 Chronicles 15:11-15)
    • Not with a beautiful wagon, but with holy hands
    • Consecration = being dedicated; setting yourself apart for God; surrender; willing to live for God alone

  • Jesus Christ (the cross) is the central point (Chronicles 16:1)
    • Ark with cover of reconciliation = sacrifice, resurrection and reigning of Jesus is central
    • David did not want to reign in own strength, but out of Gods glory
    • Where God’s glory is, there is His love, power, authority and there will His Kingdom be visible

  • Prayer and Worship (1 Chronicles 16:7-36)
    • Communication between God and a person (intimacy with God)
    • Pray continuously, pray in the Spirit (pray in tongues)
    • Pray loyal, not stringent. Jesus was not under the law, but he fulfilled the law; He was free, he was walking by the Spirit (Galatians 5)


There is a prophetical parallel of these principles with 1. Acts 1 (Pentecost); 2. 2 Chronicles 5 (Salomon and the temple)


Ten advices for intimacy

  • Do it! (do not wait for a feeling)
  • Be still and think about Jesus
  • Worship God
  • Be thankful (“Thankfulness is the windshield wiper of your heart”)
  • Confess your faith
  • Invite the Holy Spirit
  • Stay on His promises
  • Believe what you pray
  • Live with expectation


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“… because His words had authority.” (Luke 4:31-37)

Jesus is in charge! Standing in AWE of God ➔ Authority from God (James 4:7)

Jesus gives YOU authority to do what he did (Luke 9:1-2)

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‘Christmas celebration’

Pencil-Christians (play)

Luke 1:26-28, 46-48, 56. Luke 2:12-14. Matthew 2:10-12 (gold = magnificence, incense = adoration, myrrh = suffering, bitter)


Zechariah, Elisabeth, Mary and Joseph: ordinary people – dreams, angle Gabriel

Stable: smelly, no floor heating, no doctors, animals

Jesus was only just born and satan had already a plan (via Herod) to get rid of Him (see also Moses, saviour of the people), but God manifest himself to men via angles en dreams to execute his plan of salvation. Plans of satan via pharaoh, Herod, Hitler (kill God’s people).

Shepherds were the scum of the society. Three wise men = earthly wisdom bows.

Jesus was from childhood on raised in a Jewish family, with the Word of God and He wanted to stay in the temple to teach (As God’s son He was occupied with His Father’s affairs). We must have the same desire and passion…


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