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Thursday  11 November 2010, 12.31 a.m. The Lord urged me to take pen en paper to share this with you.




After ten years of experience in the real estate sector I have been through many thing with ups and downs. With a lot of stamina I have learned what I know until this very day. In all these years a lot has changed in the sector and it has become definitely not easier. The prices of real estate, the vast wealth of publicity en last but not least the people and the negotiations that lead to a deal.


I have been busy for three weeks with negotiations for a large project. The buyers did a bid and I take every bid serious and present it with the necessary negotiations to the sellers. Yesterday I sat for a second time round the table with the sellers, but in the back of my head I thought “this will never work out, we are still too far away from each other concerning price and conditions.” Nevertheless I stepped in my car direction my appointment, with my bid and the very broad conditions connected to it.


Between brackets: the last days I could only spend little time with the Lord because of much work, so I thought by myself that I lost contact with Him and that I could definitely not count on Him because I had neglected Him the last days. I really felt bad and thought the trip was no worth the effort.

It was bad weather and I had to drive almost an hour before reaching the place of the negotiations. A lot went through my head and I felt sorry for neglecting the Lord. I had a strange feeling. All the driving conditions were bad and the sky was very dark. When I was telling the Lord that I really felt sorry, I saw a clear blue sky direction my destination and confidence started to build up. It was still raining heavily, but I was like the car itself was making a safe way towards the destination. The further I went, the more I got filled with peace, trust and forgiveness!!


When I had only five more minutes to drive, I asked the Lord if he would be with my during this difficult (and according to me impossible) negotiations. At the moment I reached the highway exit, a  beautiful rainbow was visible in a clear stroke between the clouds. It was very beautiful and it gave me hope, but I did not link it to the lord. With a deep sigh and full of courage, like always, I entered the room and thought by myself: here we go for a long time and for a hopeless conversation… What was to me an unrealistic situation with very complex conditions, was a children’s game in the eyes of the Lord. The negotiations ran like an pleasant conversation and the result was that everyone agreed with the set conditions!!! I was speechless..


When I started my trip back home full of amazement (it did not immediately dawned on me), I realized that there was once again a rainbow above me… I wanted to take a photo, but my camera did not function. I took my mobile phone to take a photo, but the rainbow suddenly disappeared. I was staring with sort of disappointment and I saw  beautiful sunbeams through the dark clouds. The sunbeams were like the ladder of Jacob, they were beautifully divided over the entire length of the horizon. Once again I was not able to take a photo. In an instant I realize that everything came from the Lord and that He was with me, although I had not been an ‘example’ the last days. In the meantime it occurred to me why I was not take a photo of the rainbow… The Lord wants me to share the story with you instead of just showing a photo.


Conclusion of this story:

It is not about how many Bible verses you daily read or about how many times you go to church, but it is about how you stand before the Lord and about how you deal with the situation. We must realise that our lives are in His hands and that only He is our Salvation through Love, forgiveness and Power!!!


‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ (Matthew 19:24-26)

Many blessings and trust Him!!!


V.B. – Belgium


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